The Waterpeople Podcast wouldn’t be possible without our generous sponsors who believe in creative and uncensored storytelling as a tool for meaningful dialogue and connection amongst our global ocean community: 

Patagonia is a pillar of environmental activism and transparency in the outdoor industry. They appreciate that all life on earth is under threat of extinction and aim to use their resources —business, investments, voice and imaginations—to do something about it.

Their core values? Build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, Use business to protect nature and not be bound by convention.

Stone & Wood, Australia’s first B Corp brewery, has been using beer as a force for good since 2008. Established in Byron Bay, they craft fresh, quality beers for every occasion in carbon-neutral breweries.

Beyond their passion for making great beer, Stone & Wood are constantly striving to be a conscious business that treads lightly on the earth and gives back to the communities where they work and live.

Sanuk Logo - WPP

Sanuk crafts the comfiest footwear around and have been advocates for a more playful and inclusive surfing culture for more than two decades. They are in the habit of experimenting with vegan and responsible materials like hemp and Yulex and  encouraging waterpeople around the globe to protect their happy places.