Why we’re podcasting …

If you’re wondering why two totally unqualified surf rats who probably speak too slowly and make too many verbal nods of affirmation in conversation would want to make a podcast, then check out Episode 1 of The Waterpeople Podcast.

We talk about our motivations for putting in so many computer hours editing, researching, writing….when we could have been surfing. It’s for good reason. And we hope you’ll join us for this experiment in aquatic storytelling that spans genders and generations, crosses watery disciplines and nationalities, to share about the intricacies of living a life largely dedicated to being in, around and under water.

Thanks for your time,

Lauren & Dave


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    1. Thanks so much, Adam ! We have Watershed Chats coming at ‘ya every other week until July 7th, then we’ll alternate episodes every week with the longer form Waterpeople episodes 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

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