Derek Hynd: Conducting Chaos

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Derek, one of the brightest minds in the surfing constellation, Constantine Bay, 1979/80 via Constantinesurf 



In episode 6, Derek sings the praises of gannets, far feels theory and New Jersey surfer Linda Davoli’s power surfing. In 1981 Surfer magazine called her “very possibly the finest women’s surfer in the world.” She was the first woman to surf Grajagan in Java.


Lots of people asked for imagery to illustrate what Derek was referencing in Linda’s surfing. Here you go:

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Linda Davoli, 1979, Off the Wall via Encyclopaedia of Surfing


This is the photo Derek called “doing the Fitzy Hot Buttered thing better than Fitzy ever could”

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Linda Davoli, Burleigh Heads 1980 (Pic Hugh McLeod)

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Linda Davoli, backside stall


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